Dragon Boat Races

Join us on Saturday, March 31, 2018!

Registration is NOW OPEN!
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In the past six years, The Junior League of Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races participants and sponsors raised more than $100,000 to continue to build leadership capabilities in women and help fund our community partnerships, such as Holt Elementary School. 

Teams of 20 paddlers, a drummer and steerer race in authentic Hong Kong-style, 46-foot-long dragon boats. All ages, skill levels and physiques can paddle, making it the ultimate teambuilding sport, requiring synchronicity and finesse, more than power to win.

Find out why you can’t miss this event. Bring your team. Bring your spirit. Bring your best!

Email tuscaloosadragonboats@gmail.com

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Once you hear about dragon boat racing and become involved in this world of sport, community and fun, there is no turning back from it. There is much more to it than a great day on the water. There are different and interesting ways to experience the sport for both team members and spectators. Whether you've paddled in a festival or regatta, or you paddle regularly in a dragon boat, you feel connected to it. That’s the beauty of it – from the moment you pick up a paddle, you’ll love dragon boat racing!

With origins dating back 2,300 years, dragon boat racing is a fun, unique cultural event featuring adrenaline-pumping action. Teams race in authentic 46-foot-long Hong Kong-style dragon boats, with 10 seats, 20 people and one drummer. They rave about the excitement, friendly competition and community spirit surrounding the sport. All ages, skill levels and physiques perfect their stroke and timing for the ultimate teamwork experience!

Every paddler plays a specific role. Teams feel a connection to the racing. They bond to each other. They feel connected to the experience.

What's the catch?

Dragon boat participants are passionate about this sport. People love it – the thrill, the teamwork, the adrenaline, the interaction in the boat – everything about it. People are drawn to this sport, to each other in a setting that exemplifies human connectivity on a level comparable to nothing else. People who never thought of themselves as athletes can thrive in a dragon boat. People who are athletes discover a challenging alternative to other sports.

Racing for a Reason

The Junior League of Tuscaloosa, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the Tuscaloosa community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Our community partners, such as Holt Elementary School, Tuscaloosa’s One Place, Junior Achievement and Alabama REACH, benefit from our league’s volunteers and funds. Over the last 80 years we have been a part of significant projects such as RISE, CHOM, and Holt Elementary School.  If you choose to invest in us, we can continue to develop these types of projects.  Your investment of goods, time or money in the JLT will have a vital impact on west Alabama.

Team Information

Whether you want to win the race or paddle just for fun – bring your team to the start line! Join other teams registering now for The Junior League of Tuscaloosa Dragon Boat Races! Look to co-workers, friends, spouses, church members, civic leaders, customers, neighbors, and others to fill your winning team of 20 paddlers and a drummer. Find out why it’s the fastest growing water sport! Get your team. Get on the boat. Make waves!

Practices: Week of race

Festival Day & Location: Saturday, March 31 2018 at Riverwalk Place on Jack Warner Parkway

Estimated Race Time: 9:30 AM – late afternoon

Cost: $1,500 per team OR  $800 per half team 

All dragon boats, gear and instruction (including paddles, life jackets, and coaches) provided for teams by race producer.

Each team races one time in the morning and once in the afternoon. Teams hang out, bond, play games, eat, and some even nap between races. After averaging times from the first two rounds, the Top 12 teams will advance to a final round. The best times from the final race will determine Gold, Silver & Bronze winners.

Note: Hydration is very important to prepare for a Dragon Boat race. The earlier you start, the better. Drink lots of water often in advance, and encourage your team members to bring water into the dragon boats during practice.

*Limited availability for half teams. Half teams will be paired by Race staff to complete their boat/team. Half teams responsible for 10 paddlers.

Email tuscaloosadragonboats@gmail.com for further information!