Tuscaloosa Public Library | Community Partnership

In the fall of 2022, the JLT Board of Directors identified the need to help countless individuals of all ages in our community by supporting the Tuscaloosa Public Library. We aim to expand access to educational resources and programs that promote both literacy and STEM education for everyone in the Tuscaloosa community. These initiatives can be integrated with literacy development in creative and innovative ways to reach children in underserved communities.

The Junior League of Tuscaloosa will provide funding and volunteer support to the Tuscaloosa Public Library. Working together will allow us to expand our reach and impact in the Tuscaloosa community. We are excited to offer these new opportunities to our members and help provide for the community at large. We hope this new relationship will help to improve literacy and access to vital educational resources in the Tuscaloosa area and make the Tuscaloosa Public Library an essential part of the community.