Member Spotlight: Sheriah Gibson

Get to know Sheriah Gibson, our 2020 Provisional of the Year Award recipient, in this week’s Member Spotlight!

How many years have you been in the league? I am entering my third year in the Junior League of Tuscaloosa. During my provisional year, my peers and I were able to provide hygiene kits by partnering with local businesses and hoteliers and hosting a greenery sale fundraiser.  

What is your day job? I work for the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa as the Venue Manager for the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center. I am also an entrepreneur where I serve as the Owner and Lead Planner for an award-winning wedding planning and event management company, Posh Occasions. I am grateful to be surrounded by women in JLT who also have busy schedules but also want to give back to their community as much as they can. We are all rock stars!

Favorite thing to do in Tuscaloosa? My favorite things to do in Tuscaloosa is enjoying a day of exploring new businesses in our local community and supporting them. I do my best to use my free time to be a part of the support to our small businesses and enjoy all the beautiful things our city has to offer to everyone.

If you had an extra 8 hours in your day what would you do with it? If I had more time throughout the day, I would spend it relaxing and appreciating life more. We often get caught up in our busy lives and forget to enjoy ourselves. I am thankful that JLT is an organization that provides me with opportunities for socials and conversations.

In your opinion what is the best thing about being a JLT member? After being drafted into the position of the Chair of the T-Town Shop around Card and Fundraising Publicity Chair/Little Black Dress Initiative, I found out that the League has a place for everyone to feel empowered and enlightened. While it was a big undertaking during my second year, I am excited to have had the opportunity to learn more about our mission, our methods, and be able to have my ideas and opinions welcomed. I truly believe that the organization offers you more than what you give it – you just have to get involved. JLT is for women who are passionate about getting involved and giving back. 

What do you want other people to know about JLT? We are a group of women from a variety of backgrounds and other demographics, with common goals. We are a mighty force and cannot wait to have you join us. Being a part of JLT has introduced me to more of the needs of the community and to great women who are just as great as me – who push me to be even better.

Why did you join the JLT? Among many other reasons, I joined the Junior League of Tuscaloosa to engage more in the community and to build relationships with like-minded individuals who care about our community and its needs.

If you have ever thought about becoming a member of the Junior League of Tuscaloosa, please contact Maryanne Burdg at