Community Grants Application 2018


The Junior League of Tuscaloosa offers grants to non-profit organizations serving Tuscaloosa County involved in community impact focus of empowering women and children, with an emphasis on literacy.  If awarded, recipients will be asked to attend a Junior League of Tuscaloosa meeting in May 2018 to accept the award.  The deadline for application for the grants is March 1.

The following guidelines will be used by the Community Assistance Committee when considering grant requests. Applications must be submitted no later than March 1 in accordance with the request format specified herein.


  1. Tax-Exempt Status

The requesting organization must be tax-exempt. Requests must be accompanied by a copy of the tax-exemption letter from the IRS and evidence as to the organization’s qualification as a public charity organization as defined in section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The requesting organization must be registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.


  1. Request Format

Each request must be in writing and must be accompanied by the items set forth in the Community Assistance Grant Application, including the Community Assistance Grant Summary sheet, which is part of the information you will complete below. 


Grant application forms and supporting documentation must be submitted by March 1.


  1. Geographic Restriction

The grant amount requested must be spent to benefit the residents of Tuscaloosa County.


  1. Time Line

All awards must be utilized prior to the following May after receiving the award.  


  1. Capital Campaigns

Requests for unrestricted funds for capital campaigns will not be considered.


  1. Criteria

A request will be considered if it meets three of the following criteria:

  • It addresses a critical or basic need
  • It involves empowering women and children
  • It involves literacy
  • It funds a pilot program
  • It expands a significant service to the community.


  1. Requests for Reimbursement

Requests for reimbursement will not be considered.


  1. Frequency of Grants

An organization may receive a Community Assistance Grant only once every three years. For example:

Year 1: Grant funded

Year 2: Not eligible

Year 3: Grant Application May Be Submitted


  1. Assistance for Fundraising Activities

Requests for items or services that directly or indirectly assist or implement fundraising activities of the organization will not be considered.


  1. Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists where a Community Assistance Committee member and/or spouse or the Community Vice President and/or spouse is serving on the board of directors or advisory board or chairing a significant fundraiser of an organization requesting community assistance funding. Such conflict of interest is not eliminated by the Community Assistance Committee member withdrawing from the evaluation. Organizations with conflicts of interest are not eligible to be considered for a Community Assistant Grant but are able to apply again the following year. In the event a Community Assistance Committee member or the Community Vice President determines she has a conflict of interest other than serving on the board or advisory board or chairing a significant fundraiser of an applicant (e.g., previous board service, previous fundraising involvement or a previous or current client relationship), then that conflict will be fully disclosed to the committee, and appropriate steps can be taken to reduce the involvement of that member in the decision process.


  1. Award Amounts

Award totals up to $5,000 will be given out annually by the Junior League of Tuscaloosa, Inc.


  1. Reporting

Organizations that receive funding from the Junior League of Tuscaloosa, Inc. must complete a three-page report by May of the following calendar year addressing the following:

  1. Recap of the service/program;
  2. How many people were served;
  3. Were Junior League volunteers included;
  4. What were the programs successes;
  5. What were the outcomes of the programs;
  6. What long term effects, if any, were made;
  7. How will the organization continue to meet this need;


As part of the reporting process, organizations must present a 5-7-minute presentation to the Junior League of Tuscaloosa, Inc. at the May meeting, one year after receiving the award. 


Please complete this form in its entirety, as it is required as part of you grant request submission. Although each proposal will be thoroughly read, this summary information helps streamline the grant review process. You must complete the entire form and upload required documentation to be considered for a Junior League of Tuscaloosa Community Assistance Grant. 


An electronic copy of the organization's tax exemption status must be sent to the Junior League as part of a requirement in completing this grant application. That letter will be sent to by 11:59PM on March 1, 2018. Failure to submit letter will forfeit the grant application.  


Please share, in detail, an itemized and outlined budget for this project.