Tuscaloosa-area schools' reading levels are below the national average, and they have a high dropout rate. The league strives to increase and retain literacy skills by seeking community partners that focus on skills retention, goal-setting and academic success.

Adopt-A-School Partner, 
Holt Elementary

Since 1997, the Junior League of Tuscaloosa has served Holt Elementary School through the Adopt-A-School program. Each year, league members participate in and host events that promote literacy and academic success. During the holiday season, league members donate time and toys to the Christmas Angel and Santa's Workshop programs to provide gifts for Holt Elementary students and their families. 

Alabama Reach

Students who have experienced foster care, guardianship and homelessness often do not have the resources and support that they need to complete a college education successfully. The league works with the Alabama Reach program to mentor and support University of Alabama students who are transitioning from foster care into a successful college education experience.