Who We Are

Brand Statement

I see a bright future in Tuscaloosa. In its families. In its children. In its society. And I want to be part of the changes that matter. So I don’t live in the past, but instead dwell in the present. I don’t think of how things were, but how they should be. And I want to build a better city by tearing down the obstacles in our way. I care less about the society pages and more about the society around us. I am strong. I am determined. I am The Junior League of Tuscaloosa. Need it done? Ask a woman.

About Us

For 88 years the Junior League of Tuscaloosa has been training volunteers and developing leadership skills in women through community-enhancing efforts. The JLT offers a passionate cadre of women dedicated to bettering our city and acting as a voice for those in need. The JLT offers its members a network of disciplined, active, results-driven women and like-minded leaders with an ongoing sense of mission. For the community, we strive to be a resourceful, intelligent group of motivated women making a difference in some of the community’s most intractable problems.  

History of JLT

Back in 1929, as the country was entering the long years of the Great Depression, Miss Mary Lee Gunter of the local welfare department called for volunteers to help with various welfare projects throughout the county. Four visionary volunteers rose to the challenge: Mrs. Austin Bennett, Mrs. Jim Fitts Jr., Mrs. Robert Harwood, and Mrs. Gordon Palmer met with Mrs. Gunter and talked of their interest in the arts, education, and health. They talked about forming an organization that would support these areas of community concern and that would encourage the interest of other Tuscaloosans. They decided to organize an association that shared the principles of the Junior League in other cities. In that singular inspired moment in time, the forerunner of the Junior League of Tuscaloosa was born.


Our Members

More than 200 women are active members of the Junior League of Tuscaloosa, with total membership of almost 600 – women with jobs, families, and many other time constraints who move beyond the demands of their own lives to acquire the training, education, and volunteer experience necessary to take responsibility for improving our community.

Active membership is open to women ages 25 and older of all races, religions, and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to voluntarism. Nominations for membership are accepted from November through January each year, and each provisional class begins their experience in the spring. Our hope is that over a provisional year and ten active years of service - with a variety of placements, the JLT will prove fulfilling and the friendships formed will last a lifetime.

Our past presidents

The Junior League of Tuscaloosa has benefited from the leadership of our past presidents.


Our Actions

The Junior League of Tuscaloosa:

• Educates and trains members to empower them to develop leadership skills and promote positive change in the community.

• Researches and develops impact areas to meet the changing needs of the community and our membership.

• Participates in and supports existing community programs with volunteers, financial assistance, and board representation, matching money with manpower.

• Performs continuous improvement efforts, evaluating our strategic plan, community efforts and membership needs.

Our Publications

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Our National Association

We are affiliated with the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. as one of 293 member Leagues in the United States, Canada, Mexico and England.

Our Sponsors

The mission of the Junior League of Tuscaloosa could not be achieved without these generous sponsors:

- Buffalo Rock
- McAbee Construction
- Raymond James

- Bryant Bank
- Smile Doctors Braces

Friends of the JLT:
- Crimson2Go
- Tuscaloosa Pediatric Dentistry